If you're building a website for your business idea, or if you already have your site going, but find yourself asking, "Now what?"

Meet First Sale School

What is FSS? Oh, you know. Just 7 days of live classes that you can attend for free (from anywhere in the world) to help you make your first sale online.


And of course, we're giving you several digital files, worksheets, spreadsheets, and more to take notes and do the work in.

Psst. They're all organized into simple folders for each of our 7 classes. We're not disorganized animals around here. We're the Business School for Humans™, obvi.


You guessed it. There's even a community of us humans, online, chatting it up and helping each other.

You'll have a focused place online where you can come meet new friends and ask questions for the seven days of our live trainings. You don't have to work on getting your first sale online all by your lonesome.

Because let's be honest. That's simply no fun.

Want to hear about the 7 live trainings you get to attend for free to help you start selling online?

Choose Your Business Model saturday, March 25
2 p.m. Central

During this live training, I will show you the exact way I build my business models for any and every new venture. You'll learn:

  • the power of the Product Pyramid™ (that I've tested and tweaked for a few years now)
  • how to set yourself up for success (which, big surprise here, is definitely not putting all your eggs in one basket when you're first starting out--or, ever)
  • how to remain focused enough to create products that rock and shape your industry without losing your mind
  • the one change I made in my business model (when I had a much smaller audience) that started bringing in an extra five figures each month

Choose Your content Model
sunday, March 26
2 p.m. Central

This session is all about relieving the undue stress of (possibly) thinking that the only content model that works is to create 3 new blog posts per week--which takes more time than most of us have. You will learn about 4 models that you can tie in with your chosen business model for epic impact. Whether you're providing services, creating online events and courses, or publishing your own books, there is a content model that:

  • won't make you crazy just to keep up with it
  • will let you create the type of content you actually like to make, and not what you feel you have to create

Choose your launch model
monday, March 27
9 p.m. Central

Take the "find my niche" questionnaire and get an amazing activity that will bring clarity sent to you via email afterward

So you know what product or service you want to sell and now it's time to figure out whether you should put up a sales page and then create a "beta" (rough draft) version of your product when people start to buy it, or if you should get some solid content in place while you work on your idea and build an audience so that when you release a polished product, there are people eagerly waiting to purchase it.

We'll talk about the pros and cons of each model, plus what you really need to make each one work. You'll even go behind the scenes of my most successful launches.

build your sales page (epically)
tuesday, March 28
2 p.m. Central

Take a quiz about finding and understanding your ideal audience members

Ahhhh, landing pages and sales pages. While it's completely understandable if you disdain them, I will show you the ways I create them that make them some of my favorite parts of the online business sales process.

You will learn how to use various tools at different price points to set up opt-in pages, landing pages, and sales pages for multiple types of items.

Get ready to NOT be overwhelmed by the task of creating a product page anymore.

Create a website that connects
wednesday, March 29
2 p.m. Central

Take the audience atraction questionnaire

It's honestly not enough to just build a nice-looking website in 2017.

You have to also make sure you're building a site that complements your business model, your content model, your launch model, your audience-building strategies, AND the needs, thoughts, and desires of the person you are trying to reach with your site and products. That sounds like a lot, yes?

I won't lie. It is. But it can be made simple, and this session will help you see the elements/pages/etc. that fit better for a coach vs. a freelancer vs. an infopreneur. Even if you already have an epic website, this session will reveal some new ways to connect to your people more and sell more with it.

Note: If you attend the First Sale School lectures live, they are 100% free, but, there are no free replays being provided for any of the live classes. They are being broadcasted in real time, once (just as if you attended a course in person), and the complete, edited, on-demand versions will only be available inside of the full Get Your First Sale Already program + challenge.

how to build your list (and audience) the right way
thursday, March 30
9 p.m. Central

In this epic live session, we will cover 1 core strategy and 4 power methods to build your email list in the next 30 days and beyond.

And unlike information/trainings that only share methods completely unrelated to, or unrealistic for, your niche, I'm going to talk with you about what I've done in the past to, yes, help me grow to my first 40,000 subscribers with one brand, but also the methods that have recently helped me get my first 50 subscribers with a completely different brand in just a few weeks. . . without using my current connections.

Like case studies? Don't miss this session.

Create your proof model
(this is everything)

friday, March 31
2 p.m. Central

As First Sale School comes to a close, you'll be invited to one of the most valuable trainings of the 7-day event, and one of the most valuable workshops I've ever put together.

Maybe you've heard the term "social proof" in relation to the "clout" or followers (or people saying nice things about us) we need to operate a super profitable business . . . but that is actually just a single sub-category of 1 type of proof out of the 5 most important ones for online business owners like you and me.

In this session I will show you the 5 types of proof and their applications on your website, sales pages, content, and more.

HEllo THERE, HUMAN. WANT TO KNOW WHy First sale school exists, who it is best for, and who is hosting it?

Hey, I'm Regina of byRegina.com, and I've been a freelance writer + designer, book publisher, plus course and event creator (online and in person) for the last 9+ years. I have created a full-time income out of many of my passions, and I've since taught people how to do the same in niches varying from poker and law, to nutrition and social media.

I love the new world of possibility that the web brings for business owners (self-publishing courses, hosting events, writing books, creating products without carrying inventory, freelancing, coaching, and more) and I'm passionate about sharing it with you whether you want to coach people through life transitions, teach pottery making, or help people train their own dogs at home. Whatever you're passionate about, I want to make it easier for you to monetize it online . . . and these 7 free First Sale School live trainings, plus the activities/homework I'll encourage you to do in each, are my ways to help get the creative juices flowing and start you on the path to your first (or next) sale. P.S. If you're just getting started from scratch, you may want to check out my free course Launch Your Online Business Already instead.

Credentials, you ask? Well, I went to business school, have managed several businesses, have owned like 12 businesses, have written for sites like Entrepreneur.com and USAToday.com, have taught over 13,000 students in my online courses (in the last year) and tens of thousands of people in live online workshops, and I'm a former national champion in figure skating. That's all I got, friend. We can talk more specific dollar figures and profits inside First Sale School.

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