If you are running an online business (coaching, freelancing, or selling information products) and you're ready to . . .





What is Get Your First Sale Already?

It's where 2 guided 30-day challenges meet 7 action-packed virtual workshops and multiple tutorials, case studies, docs, resources, and checklists . . . all designed to help you get your first (or next) sale online.

And of course there's also the active, intimate group of a few hundred online entrepreneurs working on similar goals. So that's epic.

And there are the weekly live calls happening in our community that you can come ask questions in. They will be held at 4 p.m. Central on the dates below.


Tuesday, April 11 // Tuesday, April 18 // Tuesday, April 25 // Tuesday, May 2

P.S. You will have access to the replays if you can't make the live Q+A sessions.

And yes, the whole experience is delivered in an easy-to-follow format. In fact, Get Your First Sale Already is structured as 7 modules that you can complete in 1 - 4 weeks (or more), plus the 2 epic 30-day challenges (for getting your first few sales and for building your content library the right way) that you can choose to spread out or do at the same time. Either way, you keep lifetime access to all the workshops, challenge materials, course bonuses, and case study resources inside the program.

Let's talk about the 2 challenges first, eh?

The 30-Day First Sale Challenge

Starting the day you sign up, each day for 30 days straight you will receive one simple idea that you can execute on to get the first few sales of your information product, coaching package, or freelance service.

All you need is:

  • an Internet connection and device to connect with once a day
  • a personal Facebook account
  • an email address
  • a landing page or website (which you can make between now and our start date using the tutorials and ideas in the Get Your First Sale Already course)
  • a willingness to try new things
  • a desire to win at life

I will be sharing some of the methods I have used to get clients for my writing services, my web design business, and various information businesses. This will be full of tips you can implement even without an email list.

Oh, and no . . . I don't just leave you with a tip and no idea of how to implement it. As examples . . .

Day 2 directs you to a:

  • 40-page guide on building a sales page
  • workshop replay on effective sales pages
  • example sales pages 

Day 5 directs you to:

  • the exact scripts I used to contact close friends
  • the script I used to contact acquaintances

Day 6 directs you to:

  • an example of giving away one or more of what you're selling the smart way
  • real-life benefits of doing so

Day 8 gives you:

  • sample funnels to put in place
  • the exact funnel formula, wording, and set of emails I used to consistently sell a design course on autopilot

The 30-Day Content Library Challenge

After you choose one of the content models shared in the content model workshop explained below, you'll be ready to get started actually creating that content. Each day (from the day you sign up) for 30 days straight you will receive one simple instruction or prompt that helps you create an epic library of hand crafted or curated content.

All you need is:

  • an Internet connection
  • a device that allows you to create and edit the types of content you want to build your library with
  • a willingness to try new things and receive feedback (if you so desire)
  • a sense of greatness in your heart

This challenge will provide you with tons of examples from different industries and different content models. I have also weaved in my tips from building up content libraries in multiple industries.

And now for a little more about the 7 course modules and materials.

module 1: select and build Your Business Model


This action-packed section of your experience includes:

  • a 90-minute workshop (on-demand so you can play, pause, take notes, and consume it whenever you want to) on choosing your business model
  • your Product Pyramid™ planning sheets--think of this as a system for planning your products that is basically like having the cheat codes to building a business model that works (I've tested and tweaked this model for a few years now--I think you will love how simple it is to use)
  • a way of thinking through your products that will help you set yourself up for success (which, big surprise here, is definitely not putting all your eggs in one basket when you're first starting out--or, ever)
  • a list of all the types of content and products you can fill your model with
  • tips on how to remain focused enough to create products that rock and shape your industry without losing your mind

Here's what your future "classmates" and "challengemates" are saying about just this section:


Module 2: Choose Your content Model and create your content

This part of your experience includes:

  • a 2+ hour on-demand workshop on the 4 content models you can tie in with your chosen business model for epic impact . . . whether you're providing services, creating online events and courses, or publishing your own books
  • tips on how to choose and implement the types of content you actually like to make, and not what you feel you have to create, in order to fill your content library and attract clients
  • immediate access to a lesson, workbook, and example video designed to help you create your first audience-building challenge in your niche

Take the "find my niche" questionnaire and get an amazing activity that will bring clarity sent to you via email afterward

As a part of joining Get Your First Sale Already today you will receive immediate access to:

  • my 63-page case study and eBook on my first ever course launch (for $1350 in profit)
  • case study supplementals (swipe files, exact email examples, and more)

This guide contains (quite literally) everything I could remember and research about my first ever paid online course launch. It's a wealth of information that I hope you enjoy. Its sections include:

1. Snapshots of My Product and Business (at the time--April 2014)
2. Building an Engaged Audience
3. Deciding on the Product
4. Planning the Product
5. Creating the Product

6. Launching and Promoting the Product
7. Selling the Product
8. Managing the Product
9. Expanding and Moving Beyond the Product
10. Top 10 Things I'd Do Differently

module 3: Choose your launch model and create your mvp (minimum viable product)

Between the previous two workshop and this new on-demand workshop with over 2 hours of content, you will not only know what product or service you want to sell, but you will:

  • know how to decide whether you should put up a preliminary sales page and then create a "beta" (rough draft) version of your product when people start to buy it, or if you should get some solid content in place while you work on your idea and build an audience so that when you release a polished product, there are people eagerly waiting to purchase it
  • understand the pros and cons of the launch-then-build vs. the build-then-launch methods

But, in addition to the on-demand workshop, I will soon be adding access to:

  • a checklist for the MVP version of selling a course (with actual examples--like the one to the left)
  • a checklist for the MVP version of selling a book (that you haven't even written yet)
  • a checklist for the MVP version of a coaching package
  • the checklist for an MVP version of freelance services
  • a checklist for the MVP version of an online/offline event you want to host


Oh, and continue reading below for a special surprise resource.


And if you're a fan of learning to a backdrop of a music, I did sing a few tunes during the presentation:


module 4: sales page + Landing page school (design + content)

Take a quiz about finding and understanding your ideal audience members

In this on-demand workshop (2 hours of training and info), you will:

  • learn the 13 elements of effective sales pages
  • receive a 40-page workbook to follow along with the recording and map out your sales pages
  • learn about the various sales page tools at different price points and see me use my favorite one
  • and much more

In addition to the workshop training, you will receive:

  • immediate access to a 12-minute video tutorial on creating a book landing page for free
  • immediate access to a 15-minute video tutorial on creating an opt-in page in Squarespace
  • immediate access to a 30-minute video tutorial on creating 4 types of content mockups that will help your sales page stand out and convert
  • immediate access to a 9-minute video tour of beautiful examples of opt-in pages for courses

I kept the music to a minimum in this workshop, but I did play my 50-second rap video (that I used to promote and sell a course) for you:

Module 5: Create a website that connects

Take the audience atraction questionnaire

It's honestly not enough to just build a nice-looking website in 2017.

You have to also make sure you're building a site that complements your business model, your content model, your launch model, your audience-building strategies, AND the needs, thoughts, and desires of the person you are trying to reach with your site and products. That sounds like a lot, yes?

I won't lie. It is. But it can be made simple, and this 75-minute workshop will help. It includes:

  • a tour of my favorite WordPress and Squarespace themes for 2017
  • an idea of the elements/pages/etc. that fit better for a coach vs. a freelancer vs. an infopreneur
  • a 13-page guide to help you follow along during the training

module 6: how to build your list (and audience) the right way

In this epic 100-minute workshop, we cover:

  • 1 core strategy and 4 power methods to build your email list in the next 30 days and beyond
  • tips from what I've done in the past to, yes, help me grow to my first 40,000 subscribers with one brand, but also the methods that have recently helped me get my first 50 subscribers with a completely different brand in just a few weeks. . . without using my current connections
  • and so much more

module 7: Create your proof model (the right way)

This is likely the most valuable training of the course, and as a Get Your First Sale Already member, you not only get access to the training (described briefly to the right), but you will soon get access to 5 proof "formulas" you can use to increase your connections and conversions:

  • on social media
  • within your content
  • on your website
  • in pitches you send to influencers and brands
  • through search engine traffic

This is one of the most valuable resources I've ever put together and these formulas will provide clarity for so many of your content and sales decisions.

The 120-minute workshop that you get immediate access to is packed with insane value.

Maybe you've heard the term "social proof" in relation to the "clout" or followers (or people saying nice things about us) we need to operate a super profitable business . . . but that is actually just a single sub-category of 1 type of proof out of the 5 most important ones for online business owners like you and me.

In this session I show you the 5 types of proof and their applications on your website, sales pages, content, and more.

Since watching this training, many of your future classmates have been talking about how much simpler the prospect of selling (as a newbie) is. I believe you'll get tons of clarity from this session as well.

HEllo THERE, HUMAN. WANT TO KNOW WHo get your first sale already is best for and who your guide is?

Hey, I'm Regina of byRegina.com, and I've been a freelance writer + designer, book publisher, plus course and event creator (online and in person) for the last 9+ years. I have created a full-time income out of many of my passions, and I've since taught people how to do the same in niches varying from poker and law, to nutrition and social media.

I love the new world of possibility that the web brings for business owners (self-publishing courses, hosting events, writing books, creating products without carrying inventory, freelancing, coaching, and more) and I'm passionate about sharing it with you whether you want to coach people through life transitions, teach pottery making, or help people train their own dogs at home.

Whatever you're passionate about, I want to make it easier for you to monetize it online . . . and the Get Your First Sale Already program (everything described on this page above) is my way to help get the creative juices flowing and start you on the path to your first (or next) sale.

GYFSA is for you if:

  • you are already sure that you want to operate an online business but you are stuck on how to get your first sales running in
  • you want to offer freelance services, coaching or consulting services, or you want to make money from online courses, events, or books you write

If you can't already tell from the course description above, this program and these challenges are packed with the actual actions you need to take, and not a bunch of fancy words and fluffy ideas.

Credentials, you ask? Well, I went to business school, have managed several businesses, have owned like 12 businesses, have written for sites like Entrepreneur.com and USAToday.com, have taught over 13,000 students in my online courses (in the last year) and tens of thousands of people in live online workshops, and I'm a former national champion in figure skating. That's all I got, friend. You will be able to get "all up in my business" (literally) in Get Your First Sale Already and ask me any questions you'd like on income, business models, and more.

Oh, did I mention? I love the trees, so . . .

Two things to understand before you buy:

  • This course is priced so low today because I want it to be affordable for anyone who really wants the experience and materials, but is on a tight budget. This program is designed to help you start selling so that you'll have even more to invest in your business in the future.

  • Due to the live nature of some of the challenge and some of the course materials, and the human-state of your guide (me! Regina), you may notice a short delay on the delivery timeframe of the challenge lessons that aren't uploaded yet (P.S. we started live on Aril 1). That said, I will deliver what I've promised here, and you should only see a delay of 1 - 3 days on certain materials, if any delay at all. Thank you for understanding.